Excerpt from The Power of Miracle Thinking


When Kathleen Ronald found herself floating amidst the rubble of the dotcom fallout, she initially decided to work three days a week as a marketing consultant. At the same time, she would slowly rebuild her speaking business over a two-year period."

However, in praying for guidance, she received a message to focus her energy entirely on her speaking career and not go back to the marketing position at all. Yikes! Could her speaking career match the kind of income she was used to making in the corporate world?

Kathleen had serious doubts. Feeling overwhelmed with fear, she decided she'd better have a conversation with God and her angels fast. "Look! she said, "If I'm going to do this, then you'd better make that phone ring. You'd better handle the details and bring me the big contracts I'm used to!"

Through tears, she heard the reply, "We've just been waiting for you." And so her journey began... For the first eight months, she focused on creating the perfect web site. However, since she had spent so much time focusing on that one area, she hadn't created a sales or marketing plan.

At one point, feeling overwrought with this new business that she wasn't even entirely sure about, she decided to call on her angels once again. This time, her conversation went something like this... "Booking Angels, I need you now! Show me the money!"

Shortly thereafter, she received a phone call in which she was invited to lead a training at a conference. There was just one problem: she didn't lead the kind of training the person had called about. However, by the end of that phone call, she was invited to present her training anyway. Arriving at the conference, the time slot for her presentation couldn't have been any worse - the last day of a four day event... after lunch. Only twenty people had registered.

Kathleen offered a prayer: "Lord, who ever is going be there is exactly who needs to be there. So whoever could be blessed by using my products or services, have them come to my class." The numbers gradually grew. Says Kathleen, "In faith, I told the event producer, 'we should set up the room for seventy because I'm expecting standing room only'."

The result? Seventy people attended Kathleen's course, which also ended up being the number one rated training that year out of a field of fifty presenters. That event led to the next, then the next.

Three years later, Kathleen's business continues to snowball. She considers her business her ministry and maintains a prayer list in her head of places where she wants to speak. She tells her angels, "When it's time for me to do my ministry there, then you make the arrangements."

To attract business when she attends trade shows or networking events, she doesn't frantically pace the floor looking to drum up new clients. Instead, she says a simple prayer she learned from Doreen Virtue: "Dear Lord, please bless me with all the people who would be blessed by using my products and services and have them find me at this event today. For this I pray and say, 'Thank you.' Amen."

Having asked for the right connections to find her, she walks into a room fully expecting to enjoy herself and have fun. Says Kathleen, " My heart is open. I can just give freely. There's no manipulation, there's no planning, there's no goal. My only goal is to let God do His thing. When friends suggest we go here, or do this or that in order to get business, I tell them, 'No. We're going to stand here at this table and people will come to us.' You don't have to go knock your brains out."


Says Kathleen, "Your miracles are small until your faith expands. Continue to expand your faith daily, because if you can ask it, your angels can deliver it."

"Let God and the angels orchestrate everything. Let them be your business partners. They will even manage your calls and appointments. For example, if you want quiet, ask them to hold your calls. There's nothing they won't do. You can also call on specific angels for help. For example, you can call on your writing angels, your comprehension angels, or your financial angels - whatever you need.

"Miracle Thinkers embrace the power of prayer. Although she says she still doesn't have time for marketing, she makes time every day to 'have counsel with a million angels.' "To pray, be specific and include all the things you want. Pray before you get on the phone, go to a meeting, or get in the car. Always pray for the outcome that you're looking for, then release it, and say 'thank you.' Then the best outcome happens."

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