Randy Peyser Bio

Randy Peyser

Awakening, I discover Angel, the white Siamese, sitting on top of my stomach, while gray and white Darshan balances delicately on one of my legs. While I may be the author of The Power of Miracle Thinking; and while I might have written a book called, Crappy to Happy that became a bestseller for my publisher, these realizations are of no concern to the two cats for whom I am a cat bed at the moment.

“"Kitties," I say. "Aren't you excited that my author career has taken off after years of hard work and persistence?" The sound of paw licking continues uninterrupted. "Listen," I continue... "Did you know I've edited best sellers, have spoken for publishing conventions, or that I own Author One Stop, a successful national publishing consulting firm to help people write and edit their books, and find agents and publishers or self-publish?"

Unimpressed, Angel swats at Darshan, while Darshan glances out the window, catching sight of a bird. Attempting to capture their attention once more, I say, "Kitties, a bunch of my articles with New York Times best selling authors were published in Healing the Heart of the World and in The Marriage of Sex and Spirit. Both of those books won national awards. Isn't that cool?"

By now, Angel has lifted her paw towards my chin. Suddenly, one claw emerges. It is her "switchblade claw,” the one she pokes me with every morning at 6:15AM as her way of saying, Feed me. Seeing the paw, I pull the covers up over my head.

"“But kitties", I say from beneath the blankets, you haven't heard the whole story. I bet you didn't even know I was one of twelve women who was chosen to tell my story in Visionary Women Inspiring the World, and I have been featured in a number of great books, like Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters, Networking Magic and Book Marketing From A-Z?"

Not to be deterred, Angel attempts to jab at me under the covers. Still, I persist.

“"Angel, did you know I have built up quite a reputation as a speaker for businesses organizations and New Thought churches?" I decide not to tell her that I am also a 'Prop-tologist' who inspires audiences through the use of props in my one-woman show called, "Comic Intervention for Closet Visionaries and Almost-Manifesters.”

Slowly, the paw pulls back. Is she listening? I lift my head out from under the covers and continue. "Angel, did you know I have a huge clientele for whom I write marketing materials, press kits, speaker kits, feature articles and bios, or that I created a Mind Body Spirit Speakers Guide, as well as an Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory to help entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors drive traffic to their websites and grab publicity?

By now, not only does Angel appear to be focused upon my words, but Darshan's ears have also perked up. For a split second, I am sure my kitties are paying attention. Perhaps I should also tell them about my Write-a-Book Program. However, that is not the case, for it suddenly becomes clear: they are watching the form to the right of me wiggling out from beneath the covers. In a flash, both kitties leap off the bed as my partner heads down the hallway toward the almighty can opener.

I think about all that I have accomplished or become: Miracle Thinker, speaker, Prop-tologist, creator of Comic Intervention, author, editor, writer, cat bed. My life is filled with exciting wins and glorious, unfolding possibilities. Through it all, I feel much gratitude and appreciation for life's simple joys.

Welcome to my world, and thank you for stopping by.

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